The Spectacular Rann Utsav in Gujarat in December

The land of Gujarat has many aces up its sleeve. It has lovely beaches, marvelous temples, hill stations, unique and colourful festivals and some peaceful wildlife habitats. With its fabulous infrastructure and truly hospitable people, it makes for one of the most pleasurable tourist destinations in the county. One of the most spectacularly pristine and naturally stunning sites in Gujarat is Rann of Kutch that lies on the western tip of Gujarat. The Rann is unique for its geographical diversity. It has a salt marsh, sea and desert encompassing an amazing natural diversity.  It also has a vibrant culture and an identity that spells a spellbinding uniqueness. Every year in December, the region organizes a carnival on a lavish scale allowing tourists to take a peek into its awe-inspiring landscape and partake of its diverse culture and hospitality.

Highlights of Rann Utsav:

This extravaganza was month long till last year. But due to its overwhelming reception and popularity, it has been made a 3-month affair in 2013. Visit Rann Utsav between 14th December, 2013 and 18th March, 2014, and experience a cornucopia of culture, festivity, dance, art, music and sightseeing. Rann Utsav is held at various locations all along Kutch. You get the opportunity to watch and participate in folk dances and songs, live in tents in the desert, enjoy the lilting local music, watch artisans, craftsmen and potters at work, shop for exotic local handicrafts and clothes directly from the artisans and NGOs that work with them, and explore the splendor of its spellbinding natural beauty. On a moonlit night, the desert looks gorgeous when the sky gets imbued in delectable hues leaving you with a sight that you will remember for a life time. Do not miss a desert safari while here.


Kutch offers a lot for the wildlife enthusiasts as well as it is home to varied species of migratory birds and wildlife. In fact, the endangered Indian wild ass makes its home here. While you partake of Rann Utsav, explore the multifarious sights and sounds that this fascinating land offers.

Explore the mouthwatering cuisine of this area, watch dances performed by Kutchi artists, enjoy camel safaris and horse rides, and see local embroidery, terracotta painting, wood carvings as artisans work on them. There is something for everyone here. You can visit the Indo-Pak border that is not too far away. Do not miss a visit to the hamlet of Dhordo or Hodko for your own experience of rural living. Options of living in a tent, village homestays and  desert safari are available. Some lovely temples and museums nearby also beckon the travelers.

Celebrate life with festivity and a joyous zeal when you visit Kutch this winter. Rann Utsav is a truly memorable experience for young and old alike.


Kutch is easily connected by air and rail from both Ahmedabad and Bhuj. Many stay and travel options are available. Travelplaza can help you plan your tour and stay with ease.

Pictures courtesy: 1 and 2 : Flickr Ahmedabadguide


  1. Archana Kapoor says:

    Wow! Hope I can make it for this festival some day! Sharing it on Twitter ?

  2. Rann Utsav is really an amazing place to be in. Last year I had been to Rann Utsav and won’t mind going there once more.

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