A trip to Wayanad in Kerala


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Most people do not associate Kerala with hill stations. But Kerala has some amazing hill stations. Wayanad is one such lovely hill station nestled in greenery in Kerala. It is a part of the Western Ghats that are now a UNESCO World Heritage destination. The lush tea gardens are closeby and must not be missed. Close to many towns in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala, the roads leading up to Wayanad are beautiful and canopied by green all the way through.

Tourist attractions in Wayanad:


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Chembra peak: At 2100 m above sea level, Chembra is the tallest peak in the region. It is a favourite haunt of both mountain climbers and trekkers. Encased in green, it offers some extremely beautiful trails and views. There is a lovely lake on the top. Camps are organized on top of the peak to indulge the nature enthusiasts. Get a breathtaking view of Wayanad district from the top.


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Banasura Sagar Dam: It is the largest earth dam in India. Having crystal clear water and fringed by lovely hills with greenery, it is a sight to behold. Gushing waters and scenic beauty makes it a lovely picnic spot where one can spend some time in the lap of nature. Activities like boating are also available. Banasura peak here is the second highest peak in Kerala, Banasura makes for great trekking. The view from the top is spectacular. There are many trails that can be explored in the lush forests of Wayanad.


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Tea Estates: Acres of rolling tea estates, the green soothing both the eyes and the soul is a must visit for every tourist. Some of the tea estates may hold sessions of tea processing and picking as well.


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Edakkal caves: Edakkal cave is actually a deep fissure created by rock splitting. It is 96 ft. in depth and feels like a cave. There are old carvings on the rock faces. You need to trek for about an hour to reach the caves. It provides a nice day time getaway.

meenmutty falls

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Meenmutty Falls:  These are a sight to behold as they gush down from a height of 300 metres. There is a a trek of 2 kms. to reach the falls but the majestic sight makes it completely worth it. The falls are overflowing with water during the rainy season. Trekking is also enjoyable but since the terrain is largely untouched, it helps to go with a guide.

Enjoy a spectacular holiday in Wayanad, Kerala.

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