A Sojourn in Spain!

Spain is a lovely country that has so much for the tourist. It has a mind boggling geographical and cultural diversity. Pristine beaches in the south of Spain and exotic black sand beaches in Canary islands rub shoulders with deep green meadows and snowy peaks in the North. After the Bollywood movie, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, Spain has been on every Indian traveler’s must see list with a great array of touristy activities available.



Madrid: This is the capital of Spain and a perfect place to begin your vacation with. Located centrally, it provides the gateway to the North or the South. It is also the residence of Spain’s royal family and Spain’s largest city. It has a lot for the art lovers who can visit the museum. Football lovers will want to catch a game or two of the popular home team, Real Madrid. And if bullfighting holds your fancy then head to Las Ventas. Don’t forget to visit the Royal Palace. The city has a buzzing nightlife and is one of Europe’s most cosmopolitan and energetic cities.


Barcelona Port

Barcelona: Located in the Northeast of the country, Barcelona is a lively citywith a Mediterranean feel to it. The old city, Ciutat Vella, is popular for its old Roman ruins, impressive architecture, ancient churches, lovely cafes and shopping areas. Sagrada Familia and the Casa Batllo are two much visited architectural marvels designed by Spain’s own architect, Antoni Gaudi.The city is a thriving cultural centre with many museums, art galleries, theatres and regularly organizes music festivals. Montserrat is another major tourist attraction. It is famous for secret caves, underground lake and Black Madonna. The city has excellent public transport. Las Ramblas in the heart of the city is its central most boulevard. Take a walk down the long promenade. It is excellent for sightseeing and shopping lined with shops, restaurants and cafes. You can experience live performances, get your caricature done and of course shop for knick knacks.



Seville: A lively, cultural city to the South of Spain, Seville pulsates with energy. The city has some fabulous museums and art galleries. Every year it hosts the April Fair, a very popular event in Spain when the city acquires a carnival-like atmosphere. Sample the traditional culture, bullfight, local cuisine, dancing and flamenco costumes. Metropol Parasol is a giant wooden structure, the largest in the world and also a tourist destination. It houses the main market in the city. Don’t forget to try the city’s nightlife.


Valencia Silk Exchange

Valencia:  In the eastern part of the country, Valencia offers a great insight into the old architecture as it is home to some beautiful churches, monasteries and even an ancient silk market called the Silk Exchange market. Valencia has a large cultural complex called the City of Arts and Science. This complex has a science museum, an art museum, a planetarium and an IMAX theatre. It is quite a fascinating place to visit. The city holds the Fallas Fair in March when there are great activities held. Even otherwise, Valencia has a lovely night life.



Ibiza: Ibiza is off the coast of Valencia just 79 kilometers off it. It is an island in the Mediterranean Sea. Ibiza is a really happening tourist destination and is very popular for its nightlife. Its bars and nightclubs are very popular with the youngsters. It is a must-visit destination if you have party on your mind.



Toledo: This city is located on top of a mountain in Central Spain. It has art and architecture from the Roman Empire period. It was also the capital of Spain till the 16th century. Spend time in the medieval streets, admire the stunning architecture of synagogues, churches, mosques and Roman fortress. Try the local cuisine. You can shop for excellent crafts like glazed ceramics and precious metals of high quality here.

All images courtesy: Spain.info

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