MSC Orchestra Cruise: An amazing Cruise opportunity in India!

MSC Cruise

They say you haven’t traveled if you have not been on a Cruise. And yet when you speak with those who have been on a Cruise, there are no two ways about it. They either absolutely love the experience or completely hate it. This only happens if you are not well prepared before embarking on a Cruise. Unlike earlier days, Cruises are no longer the domain of the very rich. With some good planning, a great Cruise experience can be yours for a reasonable cost.

Here are the things you must take into consideration:

Ship size and halt times: It is important to know how many passengers the ship carries and the amenities it offers. That will be the key to how enjoyable the Cruise will be for you and how rejuvenated you will feel. Also port halt times are important in terms of not wasting too much precious time that can be spent on the ship exploring.

Kid friendly: It is important to understand what facilities are available for baby sitting as well as children friendly activities on board that will allow your children to be occupied and having fun. It will also give you breathing room to indulge in your own passions even if it means just reading a book while taking in the ocean.

Cost: Try to get the best deal within the budget you have in mind. Many ships do customize your package as per specific requests. Do keep your eyes open for added costs in terms of taxes and other payments that you may need to pay over and above the deal.

Activities: You not only get fine dining options but also activities like Hollywood style entertainment, well stocked bars and Casinos, rock climbing, golfing, wine tasting, disco nights, swimming, spas and much more. Do check the entire list of activities on offer.

A Cruise unlike times of yore is very affordable and a luxurious way to spend a vacation.

While most of us in India have to go to Singapore to experience a Cruise, there is a wonderful opportunity aboard MSC Orchestra one of the newest ships on MSC Cruises.

There is a cruising opportunity from Mumbai on 24th Feb which will cover Cochin, Colombo, Phuket, Langkawi ending its Cruise journey at Singapore on 4th March, 2015. Reach out to for your booking today.

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