Five reasons to visit Goa this summer


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Goa is that promised land where the beaches, sun and sand play havoc with your senses. Goa is a personal favorite with me, and I have been there many times. In fact, my family believes that one can just not go wrong with Goa especially seafood lovers like us. And you know what, Goa is a great choice even in summers. Yes, it will be hot and humid. But you will find many reasons to head there this summer.


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Here are my five reasons:

Cost: Yes, Goa is really inexpensive in summers. The same 5-star resorts offer attractive discounts with the same service and amenities that you otherwise adore. This helps you save on good money which can be utilized better for shopping for instance.:) You can also get good deals on travel if you plan in advance. And a little saving hurts no one.

Experience: I, for one, detest crowds. The entire experience is killed if the beach is filled choc-a-bloc with people jostling for space. I have been to Goa in end March and April, and the resorts are pleasantly less crowded. You can sight see, take long walks on the beach, explore the quaint eateries and do all this at your pace. You actually get to experience things more intensely and slow down on a holiday.

Food: Goa is popular for its seafood and other delicacies. At one of the popular resorts, the chef indulged the individual demands of my family by specially making dishes that we wanted. It made us feel so pampered. You can chat up the chef and learn a secret or two if you are so inclined. The unhurried experience adds to the taste of the culinary delights. I had some of the best fish and prawn dishes on my last trip in summer to Goa. The shacks are great too. You can sit for hours watching the sun set and the sea change colors while you gorge on your drink and food.

Explore: Whether it is the churches, temples, the quaint villages or the popular beaches, all feel more accessible when the crowds have headed home. You find more peace, solitude and space to explore to your heart’s desire. You can also try great activities like Parasailing and water sports at some really appealing prices.

Shopping: Yes, the same wonderful flea markets are there sans the crowds. What is even better is that with the peak season over, you may land some really good bargains. Don’t hold back and get more for less.

So, don’t wait any longer. Head for Goa this summer. Carry an extra tube of sun screen and don’t forget to pack in your swimsuit. Remember you can spend hours in the pleasantly uncrowded swimming pools and the beaches. It is an even better time to visit with the family.

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