Visit Spain this August

Spain is a popular tourist destination with visually spellbinding locales. Those of us who have seen the Hindi hit movie Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara will concur that the place is really delightful and must visit. Spain has a great cuisine, culture and beautiful beaches. It offers ample opportunities to an average traveler.

Here are some really wonderful reasons to visit Spain this month

La Festa Major De Gracia Festival in Barcelona:

Pic courtesy

Pic courtesy

This truly fun street festival is considered to be Barcelona’s best and most colorful. Gracia which used to be a small village before it got integrated with Barcelona makes an amazing host to this Festival which has a number of exciting events lined up. The Festival is held between 15th and 21st August every year. There are beautifully lit, festive decorations that can be enjoyed best at night. There are more than 500 activities with more than half of them meant specially for kids.

Aste Nagusia, Bilbao

Aste Nagusia

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This is a 9-day event held in the last week of August in Bilbao, which is Basque country. It begins on a Saturday. The Festival is announced open by firing a rocket in the sky when the mascot of the Festival makes an appearance. Thus commence a bunch of fun events that enthrall visitors and residents alike. You can experience safer bullfights as the bulls are really calves and their horns are padded. There are slides and fun events for children.

La Tomatina:


Picture courtesy:

This is the world famous tomato throwing event that is held in Bunol in Valencia in the last Wednesday of August. This is a festival where the locals throw tomatoes at each other and get into a tomato fight for pure enjoyment. This Festival has been bringing in visitors by the droves. The town is painted red during this time.

So, if you want to enjoy these unique Festivals, head to Spain this August. Remember the Independence Day weekend is fast approaching. Do reach out to for some exciting travel packages.

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