5 reasons why should you visit Kerala this winter?

This year we are seeing cooler than before climate in most of South India. The winter rains have made the winters even prettier, cooler and greener this year. Kerala is blessed with natural beauty. The greenery of the state has to be seen to be believed. Lush green grass and trees carpet the hills and plains for as far as the eyes can see. The gentle, rolling rivers meandering through the plains and the lovely beaches, not to forget the backwaters with their unique ecosystem that you just can’t have enough of.  After monsoon and November-January is the best time to visit Kerala when the humidity and heat is behind you and the spectacular nature beckons. Here are 5 reasons why you should visit Kerala this winter:

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God’s own country: I have visited Kerala on multiple occasions and each time have come back asking for more. What do you say of a place that has the unique backwaters, the beautiful beaches, the lovely mountains and greenery of the kind you must not have witnessed in a long while. Yes, it truly is God’s own country. And you will not wish to miss its friendly people and unique culture.

The World’s favored tourist destination:  Kerala has been hailed by almost all tourist magazines and websites as being one of the most treasured tourist destinations across the world. Not only is it blessed with exceptional beauty but it has a warm and welcoming population that makes visiting the state a wonderful experience. It is also well connected by road, rail and air to all parts of the country. The road network within the state is especially good and if you own a good car, it would be worth going on a road trip to Kerala.

Cuisine: Food is a huge lure for any traveler and Kerala scores highly in this regard. From its famed seafood and appams to its unique red rice and jeera water that is served with each meal, you will find something different and satisfying for your palate here. The food is spicy and the coconut curries are divine. If you like your fish, do not miss the Kerala fish fry and curries.

Hospitality: I had a great experience of staying in a wonderful homestay where the owners took such good care of us opening their home and hearts for us. I was especially touched as my son was feeling sick and they tended to him lovingly. You will find Kerala to be a safe and friendly place for both women and families. The people are educated, hard working and warm. No wonder Kerala is so popular with both local and foreign tourists.

Backwaters: This is a unique phenomenon that you will only experience in the state of Kerala in India. These intricate waterways give you an opportunity to explore the local culture and cuisine. You may choose to live on the waterboats to enjoy a unique experience .

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