Grand Canyon — A Marvel of Nature

Grand Canyon is an amazing spectacle of nature, a phenomenon that will blow your mind with its rugged beauty. Grand Canyon is Arizona’s most visited landmark. Stretching for 277miles from one end to another at its longest and touching 1 mile in depth, it showcases how the Colorado river and its tributaries have cut through hard rocks painstakingly over millions of years to form this natural phenomenon.

Grand Canyon 1

Pic courtesy: Chensiyuan via Wiki Commons

When to visit?

The peak tourist season is from May to end September. You will find crowds thinning from August end as most domestic tourists start preparing for school reopening and the European tourists also head home. From October to February is the lean season when you get ample time to explore and plan your itinerary. Yes winters can be harsh but give it a try. You will be thankful that you went at this time.

Grand Canyon 2

Pic courtesy: Eagle Rock by Julius Reque via Wiki Commons

How to explore the Grand Canyon?

While the sweeping panoramic views are truly beautiful, to get an actual feel of the natural beauty of the Canyon, go down the South rim, take a short hike and explore the peculiar natural treats you will discover along the way. You could do a drive around the areas of the park where you are allowed to take your car, but for the most spectacular views, hikes are the best. You don’t need to do very long hikes but do try to do shorter ones that treat you to stunning views. Mule rides are another option. Feels a bit strange but soon you will forget your fear and begin to enjoy the sights. Helicopter rides for a bird’s eye view are also popular.

Do hang around the various view points to catch the sunset in all its spectacular glory. And if geology attracts you then head to the Museum at Yavapai Point to understand more about the Canyon and how it was formed. Definitely worth visiting!

Grand Canyon 3

Pic courtesy:

Final Word

As the stunning pictures show, a day at the Grand Canyon will be a day well spent. You will carry a lifetime of memories of this natural spectacle with you.

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